‘The Great JSE Takeover’

If you’d bought stock just before these companies were taken over... I'm talking about Absa, SA breweries, and more recently Clover and Pioneer Foods they 'would likely [ have been] some of the best investments, you could have made says analyst Francois Joubert.

Now, a similar opportunity is building. But this unfolding story is a lot BIGGER

This time around, a certain set of ‘spin off’ companies

could be about to break up the JSE.

They’re coming from all sides. And owning them

now — while no one’s heard of them — could be like
owning stock in SAB before it was taken over by Anheuser Bauch.


Dear reader,
The Great JSE Takeover is ON!
Recently News24 reported that PepsiCo was coming for a slice of the JSE’s Top 100 profits.

"Food giant PepsiCo plans to spend R24 billion to buy the SA maker of Liqui-Fruit and Bovril – in one of its biggest ever deals outside the USA."

We’re entering a new era on the JSE!
International disruptors large and small are turning our local stockmarket upside down.
Barrick and RandGold…

“Randgold has the agility and swift-footedness of a younger and smaller company, much like Barrick in its early years, while Barrick has the infrastructure and global reach of a large corporate company”

Barrick Chairman John Thornton said in a conference call.
And it was with these words that Barrick Gold announced its merger with Randgold.
On 10 September 2018 the company’s share price was a mere $46.50.
By 24 September 2018 Barrick Gold announced that it would merge with Randgold Resources.
Immediately the share price shot up to $58, and by 13 December 2018 the share price hit $69.84. 

RandGold Takeover Generates 51% in 3 Months for Lucky Investors

That’s a gain of $23.34 per share.
A 51% leap in just three months.
Then there’s Pioneer Food Group.

The company owns brands like Ceres, Liqui Fruit, Marmite and Lipton Ice Tea. Its share price was languishing as a combination of the Western Cape drought and economic worries weighed down investor sentiment.
But US based PepsiCo saw value in the company, trading at around a THIRD of its all-time high…
On 3 July 2019 Pioneer’s share price was at a low point of R67.42… When PepsiCo made its acquisition announcement on 19 July 2019 the share price shot up to R100. Today the share price is up 59.82% - and its still trending upwards. If the deal drags on – investors could still pocket up to TWO dividends from the company before it is taken out at a higher price as well!

Pioneer Acquisition Announcement Sends Share Price Rocketing!

And what about household favourite Clover…
In September 2018 Clover shares traded at a low of R13.50, as investors punished the company for slow growth amidst an economic slowdown in South Africa.
But on 19 October 2018 a consortium of companies, led by an Israeli company announced it was interested in acquiring Clover.

Within days the share price hit R17.
By February 2019 more details on the deal were made public and Clover shares again soared past the R20 level as the offer price was set at R25 a share.
Fears of the deal falling apart sthe Clover share price drop back below R20 in May 2019. But regulatory approvals were eventually granted and Clover was delisted from the JSE at R25 in October 2019.
That means investors could’ve made 85% out of the deal in a year…
Late investors getting in on the deal in June 2019 could’ve made a gain of 35% in as little as 3 months!

Clover Takeover Generates 85% Gain for Investors!

Those tend to be the kind of quick gains you only see in manias — like pot stocks or cryptos.
But this is no mania.
Hardly anyone has spotted this trend, for a start.
RandGold, Pioneer and Clover aren’t outliers, either.  
They’re forerunners.
Pioneers in a disruptive step change on the JSE that’s going to unfold over the next 12 months.
More companies are going to follow in their footsteps.
We’re going to speculate on which ones could be most successful in the report that follows.
This is very important, if you care about making money from stock speculations.
Because owning a portfolio of the right Big Five Targets could be the equivalent of owning any one of these stocks at the start of this Great Takeover.
This, I’m convinced, will be the single biggest South African investment trend of the 2020s.
So, why am I so convinced….?
This is an incredibly unique time in history for investors…
Specific JSE listed companies are getting picked apart.
Not because they are doing badly…
And not by the local elite….
These South African companies have caught the eye of international private equity firms and big listed companies.
Simply because, top JSE listed stocks are selling at their cheapest levels in a decade.

You see, these international companies borrow money internationally at 3%, 4% or 5% interest. They then buy these South African companies that are selling cheaply and the dividends they receive from them are enough to repay their bank loans.
There’s no more rapid source of share price gains than when a company becomes a takeover target.
Right now, there are a number of companies that I suspect could be takeover targets.
All of these are companies that sell on low earnings multiples, are asset rich and have massive growth potential - all coming together to create a monumental opportunity.
That only leaves one question…
How can you profit?
What are those opportunities?
What do I see on the table for you, right now?
What’s the best way to speculate on the greatest JSE Takeover yet?
I’ve called it my JSE Big 5 Takeover Portfolio - If I had to bet on just one cluster of stocks to outperform all others in the next 12 months, it would be these ones.
But before I get into the details, let me introduce myself…
Hi, My name is Francois Joubert….. 

I’m the chief Penny Stock Strategist for Fleet Street Publications.
We’re one of the largest independent investment research organizations in Southern Africa.
What I do is simple…
I research the best new small cap stock ideas you can invest in… looking for incredible market catalysts like ‘takeover trends’ that have the power to reward early investors with triple- and quadruple-digit gains.
And every month, I publish these incredible opportunities for my private readers through my investing research advisory called Red Hot Penny Shares
Red Hot Penny Shares is the only place in the entire world where I recommend tiny stocks that my research indicates could soar 100-500% or higher.
Granted, not all of my picks are guaranteed to go this high. My readers have still had the chance to see many impressive double-digit gains.
And I can tell you — with 100% conviction — that the opportunity for early investors in this niche is truly unprecedented.
We’re talking about uniquely differentiated quality, companies that are the perfect targets in this takeover trend we’re seeing on the JSE.

As I said RandGold, Clover, Pioneer are just the forerunners of this trend.  There are even more niche quality companies ripe for takeover that will see even greater share price spikes! 
 There’s not a shadow of a doubt this trend is underway.
Picking the winners from the losers, however…that’s a trickier proposition.
If you’re game for that risk, then read on…

Takeover Target #1:

This small investment holdings company will reap what Pioneer sews!

As I’ve already explained Pioneer has become a takeover target for PepsiCo.
The company owns iconic brands such as Ceres, Liqui Fruit, Sasko, White Star, Lipton Ice Tea, Bokomo and Marmite.

And just a few months ago Pioneer’s share price shot up 50% overnight.

You see, US based PepsiCo made an offer to acquire the entire Pioneer Foods.

Here’s the thing though, it’s possible to still make around 60% gains on this deal but not by buying shares in Pioneer… But rather one of its largest shareholders!

You see, it’s a special type of company, one that is set to capitalise not only on the discount between Pioneer’s offer price and share price but by its own built in discount.

And, if the deal goes through you could make an immediate 60% return!

I think it’s an absolute cracker which you may wish to add to your speculative portfolio immediately.

Now I’m not going to give you the name and ticker symbol in this public forum because if I do it may get swamped…possibly meaning you won’t be able to get in under my buy-up-to price.

I’ve included everything you need to know on this Big Five target in a new PDF report.

It’s called ‘The Great JSE Takeover Portfolio’.

Look, I know we at FSP Investment Research throw a lot of investment ideas your way.

But I really, really think this one above all others is worth your attention right now…

I’ll give you download instructions in a second.

First, let’s move on to: …

Takeover Target #2:

When high profile CEO's start buying up company shares, so should you!

This CEO is arguably one of SA’s foremost businessmen and investors.

He’s been a director of over 25 stock exchange listed companies.

He is currently CEO of Sabvest Limited, Chairman of Metrofile Holdings Limited, Transaction Capital Limited and Torre Industries limited.

In short, he’s got experience, he’s got credentials, and he’s been involved in a lot of interesting companies.

But what really caught my interest was when I saw what he was buying and buying and buying.

22 March 2018 was the first in a series of around 14 share purchases in a matter of a few months… In this time, he has accumulated and now owns more than 31% of this company.

Clearly this company is a takeover target and according to my analysis, savvy investors who buy now, stand to make double their money within the year!

Which brings me to:  

Takeover Target #3:

Not your every day logistics business!

No one is talking about this stock in the way I see it.
But when you see the big picture, like we do, you suddenly understand that this company is not what it first appears to be.
Not only do they have a huge opportunity in the niche market they are already winning in…
I think they could become the poster child for what we’ve been talking about today. 

That’s all I can say for now. Again, I don’t want to give the game away on this pick.
But it’s JSE-listed, and it’s a vital part of our JSE disruptor strategy.
You’ll get everything you need to know in ‘The Great JSE Takeover Portfolio’.
Then there’s

Takeover Target #4:

Copper has become a ‘hot’ commodity – not just in the energy market but the acquisitions market too… Get in now to bank triple digit profits in 12 months!

All over the world the push for increased ‘green’ energy is increasing.

Wind power alone is set to TRIPLE in the next decade…

Then there’s solar power as well…

But none of this can happen without…


You see, copper is a highly efficient conduit, it is used in renewable energy systems to generate power from solar, hydro, thermal and wind energy across the world.

There is 12-times more copper being used than in traditional systems to ensure efficiency.

Copper reduces CO2 emissions and lowers the amount energy needed to produce electricity.

It is also one of the few materials that can be recycled 100 percent over and over again without a loss in performance.

Which brings me to why this SA company is uniquely positioned to profit from a soaring demand in copper!

I’ll explain the role I think it’s going to play, and how high the price could go as a result in ‘The Great JSE Takeover Portfolio’,

Takeover Target #5:

There's takeover opportunities everywhere!

Even in the storage market…

There’s not much to say but a deal is imminent so you really have to act fast on this one!

The share price has already risen 29% but it’s going to go MUCH higher!

You just need to act before this deal is finalised. So there’s no time to waste.
I urge you to claim your copy of my PDF report, The Great JSE Takeover Portfolio right now.
All I ask in return is one thing…
That you try out my financial advisory, with no obligation to stay on as a subscriber…

  Download The Great JSE Takeover Portfolio Report risk-free

It’s not solely a ‘penny stock’ newsletter.
(Although small, niche companies are to be front and centre.)
And it’s not a strictly ‘takeover target’ newsletter either.
(Although, the majority of recommendations will indeed be small or even microcaps.)
This is a JSE stock advisory unlike any newsletter you’ve ever come across.
Once a month, you’ll receive a newsletter packed with all the latest share recommendations I believe have the potential to double even triple your money.
I’ll tell you what the risks and potential rewards are, what price I recommend to get in at, and what I’ve calculated as a realistic target price. PLUS, I’ll tell you what action to take on existing shares in the portfolio, whether to buy more, sell or hold your position for the time being.
You can follow some, all or none of my research. You can invest in the shares I provide, or simply paper trade them for a while. It’s entirely up to you.
But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

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Here's What to Do Now

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Francois Joubert,
Chief Penny Stock Strategist
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